Scarecrow Field (Damianos Book 3)

| January 17, 2016


Scarecrow Field: (Horror Suspense novella) (Damianos Book 3)

Damianos is the nickname given to Detective Andre Russell of the San Diego Police. His aunt, Rose Russell is coming back from a bird-watching weekend with friends when she notices a scarecrow in a precarious situation in the middle of a wheat field. He’s been eaten by crows. She phones her nephew, Andre and explains what she’s seen. Two other boys have to die in the same fashion – attached to a comb gibbet and their chests transpierced with a pitchfork – before Damianos can make heads or tails of this horrific series of crimes. Involving the FBI is his only solution. Who are these insane criminals and why are they killing mere boys in such an awful manner?


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