Living With An Alcoholic: How To Take Control Of Your Relationship and Save The Person You Love

| January 18, 2016


Living With An Alcoholic: How To Take Control Of Your Relationship and Save The Person You Love (Alcoholism and Substance Abuse)

Can You Save Your Relationship from Alcoholism?

Anyone who has ever watched a loved one experience the pain and suffering of dealing with alcoholism understands that it is an incredibly difficult illness to overcome.

Is alcoholism part of your relationship?

You might be wondering how you can best support your loved one as they become sober and battle the illness of alcoholism. This book will provide you with some of the best tools and advice to serve you, your relationship and your well-being throughout this tough situation.

This book will help you:

1. Understand Alcohol Addiction, alcoholism symptoms and how it effects your loved one;

2. What your role is, as the partner of someone suffering from alcohol addiction;

3. How to avoid codependency, becoming an enabler or losing yourself to your

loved one’s alcoholism;

4. Different methods and strategies for supporting your loved one and for taking care of yourself.

If your loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction… this could be the most important book you ever purchase.

Take control of your relationship and fight to save it.

The aim of this book is to give you and your loved one the tools you need to become a success story. It won’t be easy and there will be bumps in the road along the way, but as sobriety has already been achieved by millions of alcoholics, you should have no doubt that it can be done.

This book is unique as it’s written from the perspective of you – the loved one or partner of an alcoholic.

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