Paranormal Phenomena: Modern Tales of the Unexplained

| January 19, 2016


Paranormal Phenomena: Modern Tales of the Unexplained

Fascinating, terrifying, and unexplained…these paranormal phenomena will leave you mystified!

It is no wonder that we are all drawn to the world of the paranormal. The need to research and delve deeper into the unexplained is a tendency which unites and joins humanity as a culture. This has always been the case, from the earliest ghost stories to tales of dragons and sea monsters. Since the turn of the Twentieth Century, modern technology and science have pushed back the boundaries of explanation and shed new light on old secrets.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that everything in our world is easily explained. Instead, the new abundance of information simply pushes the barriers of the unknown even further back. While we might be able to explain one instance of paranormal phenomena, two more spring up in its place. Like the heads of the Hydra, every new discovery and explanation simply prompts a fresh wave of paranormal phenomena opening up new fascinations and new mysteries.

Inside learn the details about these fascinating unexplained phenomena:

• The mothman;

• The dopplegägers;

• The Taos hum;

• The chupacabra;

• The Miracle of the Sun;

• Time slips

• Human combustion;

• Alien encounters.

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