Dynamite Riders: 9/11 in the Old West

| May 21, 2013


Dynamite Riders: 9/11 in the Old West

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DYNAMITE RIDERS: 9/11 in the Old West
In the small isolated town of Richman, there were no tall buildings or gas-filled planes to crash into them. When Alf Gant and his men rode through town tossing sticks of dynamite on that fateful day in the fall of 1875, they only destroyed a few buildings and killed a few people. A harmless old preacher. A young couple and their baby boy, who had come to town in a buckboard to do a little shopping.
The problem was that the young woman in the buckboard was Sam Good’s sister and her husband was the son of the biggest rancher east of the mountain wall that guarded Gant’s Basin. Those mountains also guarded a terrible secret. Alf Gant’s real name was Omar bin Laden and the attack on Richman was just the beginning of an insane holy war Gant had been planning for years.
Only a small group of avengers rode into Gant’s Basin and before they even got started, three of them were quietly eliminated by the traitor among them.

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