Baxter’s Draw (The Lockwood Legacy Book 2)

| January 20, 2016


Baxter's Draw (The Lockwood Legacy Book 2)

Texas rancher Langston Lockwood died leaving his three daughters with an inheritance of secrets, lies, and mysteries.

The family ranch, the Rocking L, includes a lonely box canyon called Baxter’s Draw, which may be the key to a hidden Spanish treasure.

Still reeling from their father’s suspicious suicide, Kate, Jenny, and Mandy are determined to discover the truth about Baxter’s Draw.

˃˃˃ Did their grandfather really steal that part of the family’s land from their neighbors and rivals, the Baxters?

According to the story long told in their small town, the land changed hands during a crooked poker game.

˃˃˃ Could there be something in Baxter’s Draw worth fighting and dying over?

Professor Jake Martin thinks the Lockwood ranch may be the key to solving the legend of Jim Bowie’s lost silver mine.

˃˃˃ But it’s not just the girls who want the secrets at the heart of Langston Lockwood’s legacy to be revealed.

Outsiders trespassing on the land seem determined to go to any lengths to get what they want, even if that means striking at the heart of all the Lockwood sisters hold dear.

Return to the Rocking L for the next part of the Lockwood Legacy saga as the series continues to follow the sisters’ homecoming and their efforts to reconcile the loss of their father with all they stand to gain.

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