Find the Cutes: Playtime

| January 20, 2016


Find the Cutes book 1: Playtime (The first, fun seek and find book for children in the series)

Cutest look and find book for kids EVER!

This is a cute look and find book for children: Ages 5-older. Enjoy searching for the characters and their items. It is an activity book for children good for hours of fun! It has/is:

– An intriguing story.

– A family focused message.

– 4,785 hand-drawn characters.

– More than 1,500 hours of artwork.

– The first in a series of 10 books.

This book is a must-have!

People who liked the old look and find books will love this one! “Find the Cutes – Playtime” is a look and find book for girls, but it is also a look and find book for boys.

Where to use it

Seek and find books are fun for road trips, to get your children away from the TV, to sit down with them and read, for waiting rooms at a clinic, in church, child day care centers, etc. The details are well-polished, cute, and beautiful. It’s a lot of fun!

Keep your kids entertained!

Looking for a fun activity book for your child? This is the cutest look and find book! Buy it now! Regular children’s books can entertain you for an hour, maybe two. But this look and find book can entertain your kids for hours and hours! The book has 36 pages, of which 24 are double search and find pages. Tired of looking for them? Then there are answer pages in the back, cheat sheets…


The book is about a family with their last name being “Cute.” There are 5 kids to look for. The oldest daughter has to babysit her siblings but keeps texting her friends to much, so you’re going to help her find them! Sounds like fun? Order it now, and the author and illustrator will sign it!

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