The Akashic Telescope: Order From Chaos Part II

| January 22, 2016


The Akashic Telescope: Order From Chaos Part II (Akashic Eye Trilogy Series Book 2)

Eternal Vigilance starts with being forewarned.

Josh Mundi has finally fulfilled his grandfather Felix’s wish to find the NRG. The Aktel is all and more Josh ever could’ve imagined:

Life has meaning, definition and purpose.

Dortmund and Bruce know the Akashic Key: The Tablet of Destinies is crucial to their plans and vital for the Illuminati’s goal of global control, however, they now seem to have other motives and are determined to make sure nothing stands in their way.

To Nicholas Manly, the CEO of the powerful Wall Street firm: Sack-Pillage, Lustre & Lucre; Dortmund’s role is clear: take action on the NRG to ensure the Illuminati’s path to world domination is absolute and irreversible.

The New World Order will herald a new beginning with Manly’s global organization at the forefront of change; so as to impose upon the world their millennia old quest of a:

New World Order shaped by their One World Government reducing 90% of the human population to either eradication or social engineered slavery.

But will it be that simple?

As Dortmund has yet to discover: the Aktel’s ancient origins and power may lead to a major dilemma for both him and the Illuminati of galactic proportions.

Will this new series of events be exactly what Josh needs to stop the Illuminati’s plans or, will it lead to greater problems that even he will be powerless to stop?

On top of this Josh’s romantic feelings for Helani grow but she is conflicted. Helani knows a terrible secret that will not only jeopardise their relationship but the fragile peace and harmony of both worlds.

The Akashic Telescope series of books encompasses many genres, ranging from apocalyptic, time-travel, political and historical conspiracy theories to a science fiction thriller. The story draws upon real historical events, secret societies, quantum physics, and elite global political maneuvering, to provide a plausible story of realizing the Illuminati’s insatiable desire for total world domination.

The Author:

Jason A Briggs grew up in the city of Melbourne and Central Victoria, Australia. He studied at the University of Melbourne and twice received a national law award from the Law Council of Australia.

Jason is the Principal Lawyer for Jason A. Briggs Lawyers based in Melbourne. His law firm prides itself on helping people in need and has been involved in some controversial cases with successful outcomes. Jason enjoys world travel, reading, fitness, movies and music.


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