The Callum Wentworth Chronicles

| January 22, 2016


The Callum Wentworth Chronicles (The Lingering)

The Callum Wentworth Chronicles is the Omnibus edition of the first three books in the Lingering series. If you haven’t already read the first two, then this is an excellent way of getting all three books at a great price.

The Lingering Book One: Outbreak At Hope Cove.

Outbreak At Hope Cove takes us back to where the Lingering virus first reared its ugly head. We follow those first touched by this terrible zombie creating disease, and we will watch as they struggle to come to terms with the end of their communities. The book will track a small group of survivors as they desperately fight to reunite with missing family members. What will they do to find those they love, and how far are they willing to push their own humanity?

The Lingering Book Two: Rangers.

Callum Wentworth enjoyed an idyllic childhood. That is, until the outbreak of the Lingering. With the arrival of the undead, young Callum lost everything. He lost his family, his home, his dog, and he almost lost his mind. Thanks to the love of an old man, Callum made it through the nightmare … but he was changed. As an adult, Callum resolved to make the undead pay for what they had taken from him, and what better way to do that, than as a Ranger. For both the living and undead alike, Ranger justice is hard and unyielding. Rangers administer the rule of law on the run, and they will kill anything that questions their authority. To be a Ranger you must have speed, agility, and above all, a willingness to kill. All these things Callum Wentworth has in abundance, which makes him the Rangers’ deadliest, and most unforgiving weapon.

The Lingering Book Three: The Deadlands.

Since the age of twelve, all Callum Wentworth has known is struggle and pain. His torments have galvanized him into not only a hard and unyielding man, but also a weapon.

His trials cost him dearly. He lost his family, friends, a hand … and almost, his humanity. He accepts these sacrifices so he can stop the spread of the Lingering. He accepts he has to do things that no man should, and now all his sacrifice and pain is about to pay off. Finally, he has the chance to make the undead pay for what they have taken from him.

The year is 1852 and America is split into two nations. One side has the living, the other, the undead. Beyond The Divide lays the Deadlands. A land bereft of life or hope. A land ruled by Lingerers … but it is time for the living to take the lands back.

This book also includes the bonus short story, King of The Undead.


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