The Case Of Doctor Petiot (1897-1946): History Of A French Serial Killer

| January 22, 2016


The case of Doctor Petiot (1897-1946): History of a French serial killer


“Gentlemen, I have one last piece of advice: Look away. This will not be pretty to see.” These were the last words of Marcel Petiot, who was guillotined on May 25th, 1946.

Marcel Petiot was a French doctor and one of the most deadly serial killers of the 20th century. Even though many books and articles have been written about Petiot since his death, there are still numerous legends about this man, and it is difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction. How many people did he really kill? Was he, as he often claimed, a member of the French Resistance? What happened to all the money he stole from his many victims?

In the next pages, I will try to give answers to these questions and to shed light on the life of Marcel Petiot, alias, The Butcher of Paris.


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