Soul Purpose: Finding the Courage to Fly

| January 24, 2016


Soul Purpose: Finding the Courage to Fly

Soul Purpose is a calling that lives in every one of us. For every moment that we have felt busy, stretched, pulled, and unfulfilled, there is an opportunity to invite more love, more peace and more charity into our lives. The search for Grace need not be far—it is already within us. This book creates a simple reason to pause, get clear on our charitable priorities, and raise the level of joy and kindness in the world. It becomes our privilege to give something back. We can all afford more authenticity in our lives. Consider this book a safe place to land. There is a gentle unfolding that happens inside the pages of Soul Purpose. We will laugh, tell stories, and toss back a few life lessons. Once you realize that every single piece of your life is directing you toward a path of service then you allow gratitude and wisdom to take center stage in your life. It is then that you can start to take flight. What would you be doing if love had no limits and fear had no place to hold you back? Be Brave. Be Faithful. Soar On!


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