Baby Care: My First 12 Months, Baby Care, Child, Children, Baby

| January 24, 2016


Baby Care: My First 12 Months, Baby Care, Child, Children, Baby (Mom's assistant)

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Becoming a new parent is a daunting prospect.You are responsible for not just feeding and clothing another life, but ensuring that they have the best start to life possible. You need guidance on how to care for your newborn baby and make sure they are safe, happy and healthy. I have written “Baby care: My first 12 months” to help give you the knowledge and ability to successfully take care of your new baby during the first 12 months of their life. This book is the ultimate caring guideline for your babies first 12 months.

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• This book will be a helpful guide for you to Take care of your Baby for first 12 Months.

• This Book helps you to increase your Knowledge over baby care.

• First days and weeks of caring for your newborn.

• How to protect a newborn’s delicate skin

• How to take care of your babies umbilical cord stump

• How to feed your newborn baby.

• Taking care of the baby’s Eyes, Teeth.

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