Good Golly Miss Molly

| January 25, 2016


Good Golly Miss Molly: Book 8 Georgie B. Goode Gypsy Caravan Cozy Mystery

Everybody loves Miss Molly: a lively 72-year-old who gets a huge kick out of the retro scene and everything associated with it — the clothes, the hairstyles, the dances and especially her newly-renovated vintage trailer!

Tammy, Georgie and Layla are thrilled with her reaction to their carefully-planned surprise, but their joy turns to concern when Rosa — an unexpected guest at the vintage trailer rally — tells them bluntly that sweet Miss Molly is in big trouble.

They quickly learn that Molly is facing the prospect of having to sell the home she has lived in for fifty years, after her finances have taken a disastrous turn. Molly keeps her woes to herself while she teaches the retro crowd how to jive and faces down the card sharks at gin rummy, but bit by bit Georgie, Rosa and the team put together the pieces and find out what went wrong.

What they discover leaves them both astounded and angry. Someone close to Molly is to blame for this situation – but who? Is it one of the waifs and strays that she welcomes into her home, or is it someone professing to be a good friend?

This is a case that is very close to the hearts of Georgie’s little band of amateur sleuths, because one of the ‘lost lambs’ that Molly once took under her wing is none other than Tammy Dyson, the retro set’s “Rockabilly Princess” and girlfriend of Jerry B. Goode, Georgie’s brother.

There is no way that Tammy is going to let anyone get away with doing the wrong thing by Miss Molly!


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