Zombie Jokes: Will Work for Brains… Zombie Approved Hilarious Jokes for Kids Age 6-10

| May 22, 2013


Zombie Jokes: Will Work for Brains... Zombie Approved Hilarious Jokes for Kids Age 6-10

Five Star Reviews!

Cute book for family night! “I just got this to add to our family night, a time for the kids to really enjoy handing out with their parents – this is definitely a keeper for those evenings. The jokes are cute & funny – and some are even bit yucky, but boys love that stuff! If you’re looking for a family joke book to pass around or add to your game night with the kids – this is it! Lots of funny one liners and laughs here! Cute book!”

Kids Loved It! – “These jokes are perfect for kids. Of course that usually means they’re groaners for adults, but even I laughed out loud at many of them. My favorite? “Why can’t a Zombie’s nose be 12 inches long?” Well…you’ll have to read the book to find out”

Your Kids Will Love All 105 Jokes – “HA! Some of these jokes are real groaners. Some are crazy, but all are funny and you’re kids will easily find their favorites. I discovered I didn’t need to take Zombies all that seriously. Go have some fun.”

Zombie Approved Family Fun

Zombie Jokes: Will Work for Brains… these hilarious jokes for kids age 6-10, are Zombie Approved so get ready to laugh out load with your kids! Zombies are the latest craze with all the kids and what a fun filled way to get your kids to read more. 105 Zombie one liner jokes plus many bonus Zombie jokes. A mob of funny Zombie jokes is about to invade your home.

Get it now – Zombie Approved!


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