Alice’s Portrait (The Lockwood Legacy Book 3)

| January 26, 2016


Alice's Portrait (The Lockwood Legacy Book 3)

The real tragedy of Texas rancher Langston Lockwood’s life played out in Baxter’s Draw.

In that lonely part of the Rocking L ranch, he mourned the loss of the only woman he ever loved.

When his daughters, Kate, Jenny, and Mandy discover the true extent of their father’s secret life, they are forced to re-evaluate everything they believed they knew about the man and about their family.

˃˃˃ How did a young boy’s grief turn into an insatiable lust for revenge?

Driven to madness by his fantasy life and reclusive existence, Langston became determined to make his best friend, George Fisk, pay for a crime that changed the course of three lives one icy night in December 1956.

˃˃˃ In their father’s journals, the girls discover a chronicle of his madness. Is insanity part of their inheritance as well as land and money?

Will the sins of the father be visited upon his daughters? Jenny, in particular, fears that instability is a family trait she can’t escape.

˃˃˃ With all the girls have learned since their homecoming, is it possible the ghosts of the past have yet to be laid to rest?

In Alice’s Portrait, the third novel in The Lockwood Legacy series, the answer to that question may determine the collective and individual lives of the Lockwood family for generations to come.

Return to the Rocking L where mystery, intrigue and romance amount to just another day at the ranch!

Continue the exciting Lockwood family saga now!


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