Investing Money For Beginners – how to become a DiY investor

| May 22, 2013


Investing Money For Beginners - how to become a DiY investor

‘DiY Investing’ is becoming increasingly popular.

Would be investors want to learn how to grow their wealth and make provision for retirement planning.

Is this possible for the ‘average guy or gal’ seeking to take control of their finances…. without reliance on expensive professional advisor’s?

Investing Beginner?

“Investing Money For Beginners” will be just what you need if you are new to investing and don’t know where to start.

I have written this book from the point of view of the complete newbie just starting out…. like I did almost 30 years ago!

Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Jargon….

There are hundred’s of investment books out there. But they are rarely written in a ‘plain english’ way.
My book is free from the usual confusing ‘technical hype’ …. and explains how to become an investor in a more practical way.

  • Are you from the US or UK? – there’s plenty of useful information to get you started.
  • ‘Investing’ and ‘stock trading’? – the two activities are very differrent…. and you need to know why this is of critical importance.
  • Pro’s and Con’s – what you need to know about investing.
  • The most common mistakes – what these are and how they can be avoided to increase success.
  • Confusing financial products – follow my guide through the maize to find a solution that’s right for you.
  • Useful free investor tools – you too can find out what these are and why they are so important!
  • Investing in 2013 – find out about my favourite sectors for investing today.

Investing Risks

Investing money is risky compared to holding cash in a bank account.

I don’t shy away from explaining where I have gone wrong over the years.

You can make good use of this valuable information to increase your chances of success!

Thinking About Retirement Planning?

Most people don’t want to think about retirement planning – well I have for good reason!

We all leave it too late …. the sooner you start the cheaper it will be!

You can take a look at the way I have put together a logical retirement plan…. based upon my favourite investment sectors.

Secrets To Successful Investing 

After nearly 30 years of being a ‘DiY investor’ I think that I’ve finally worked out the secret to successful investing!

I’m going to reveal all about this in Chapter 14,…. so you can save yourself the time and effort!

You can read my list of investing ‘do’s and don’ts’…. and save yourself a lot of stress and financial heartache!

Your Shortcut !

I wish I had this book when I started out!

Take the easy route… learn from my years of experience.

       …. Cheaper than buying lunch… download my book now! 


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