Introduction to Journal Writing: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the Life Changing Habit

| January 27, 2016


Introduction to Journal Writing: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Life Changing Habit.

It just sort of happened. You were born, and for a while all was great. You slept like a baby when you were a baby, but after a while you started feeling restless, slept restless, and woke up disturbed. For a while everyone listened, for a while everyone paid attention, but soon their attention faded and your dissatisfied sleep became a routine.

Believe me sleeping dissatisfied is not the way to live this short beautiful life! You are not here on this great earth to sleep dissatisfied!

The Art of Journal writing can change your life. There is a reason why Journal Writing has been a focus of all great people; there is a need within us to voice our opinions, and to be understood.

In the ideal world, we may not need a Journal. By ideal world I mean a world in which people are patient, have little to do, and are enthusiastic about anyone’s opinion. Sadly, though, we do not live in the ideal world. Modern life is characterized by periods of loneliness and compromise, and that way in itself is the only way we can continue our relationships.

We, however, have a way, an outlet that is always there for us, is not judgmental or opinionated, listens carefully, and never leaves our side for even a second. We have our Journal.

This book is an introduction to talking to ourselves and still be called sane! In other words this book is about the ideal world!


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