Mattress Mart Murder (Chloe Cook Cozy Mystery Book 1)

| January 30, 2016


Mattress Mart Murder (Cozy Mystery) (Chloe Cook Cozy Mystery Book 1)

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Thirty-four year old cosmetics saleswoman Chloe Cook is busy searching for a love that lasts in the tourist town of Cape Cod when a murder strikes.

The victim is Marty Diamond, a mattress mogul known for his high pressure sales tactics and schlocky TV ads.

Unfortunately, the local police detective suspects that Chloe’s good friend Kristina Miller is the killer.

To prove Kristina’s innocence, Chloe has to take matters into her own hands and find the real killer herself.

Books In The Chloe Cook Series:

Book 1 — Mattress Mart Murder

Book 2 — Reunions Can Be Deadly

Book 3 — Killer Finale


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