Snapdragon Book I: My Enemy

| January 30, 2016


Snapdragon Book I: My Enemy

“Action/adventure, horror, fantasy, and romance! This tale has it all!”

Seth Auburn is an innocent boy, untouched by the horrors suddenly plaguing his small town. Recurring visions of a beautiful white palace high in the mountains above Ellishome, Colorado, haunt his dreams at night.

When Ben, a talking tiger, appears in the meadow behind his backyard, the palace is suddenly all too real, and Ben needs Seth’s help.

For a shadow has arisen in Ellishome, an immortal evil in the guise of a stranger astride a black steed, twisting the hearts of the townsfolk in an eruption of madness and murder.

Assembling a band of newfound friends, Ben, Seth, and his companions must travel to a mysterious palace they have only dreamed about. But they’ll need more than magic to save themselves and the town they love. They’ll need an abundance of faith hardly any of them have, because if Seth fails, it will mean the end – not only of the town and people he loves – but of countless worlds altogether.

Snapdragon is a dark fantasy novel filled with delightful, colorful characters you won’t forget. Laugh, cry, and shudder with fear in this coming of age tale of adventure, monsters, magic, and parallel worlds, a tale of heartbreak, tragedy, and loss, but a tale of profound redemption and joy.


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