Hank Hudson

| January 30, 2016


Hank Hudson

Life’s not easy, especially when you’re invisible.

Hank Hudson doesn’t stand out in drab Great Depression America. The middle child has always gone unseen and ignored, even before the stock market crashed. When his parents have to move the family cross-country, it’s no surprise that they accidentally leave him behind.

Seven decades before the invention of cell phones, Hank has to make a choice: stay put and starve or find his family. As he sets off with his best friend Dog on a long journey, he stumbles into a hidden world filled with mystical power, mysterious people, and buried treasure.

It turns out, Hank has been turning himself invisible his whole life. He can’t wait to tell his family, if he can only outrun a dark force that threatens to take control of his mind and his heart.

Hank Hudson is the first book in a series of middle grade fantasy adventure stories. If your middle school student likes colorful characters, action-packed plots, and adventures across the country, then they’ll love Clark Chamberlain’s thought-provoking Depression-era tale.

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