Politically Corrected: Not Talking Points. Just Solutions

| February 1, 2016


Politically Corrected: Not Talking Points. Just Solutions.

Politically Corrected is written by a real everyday American, for real everyday Americans.

Our society faces many issues, not the least of which is corruption. Corruption in high places is what produces the vast majority of failed policies, which in turn have had devastating ramifications on us all. Wars, terrorism, income inequality, poverty, unemployment, broken immigration, decimation of rights, a broken healthcare system and so much more. These aren’t just happenstance. These are the byproduct of corruption. We hear “leaders” and candidates hype up these issues with bold claims that they will fix them, yet they never do. Are you not tired of their political games? Does not their continual talking points exhaust you? Where are the solutions to the problems we face? If solutions are what you seek, you will find them in this book. It is time we remove corruption and solve the problems we face, otherwise corruption will consume all. It all begins with an idea.

It is time we end this constant loop of wishful thinking and false hopes. We watch parades of politicians and wealthy moguls preaching the salvation of America under their reign, yet we witness time and time again, no substance. Why should we think they would? They are in fact simply a cog in the machine. They will never accept real solutions when solutions solve the problems they benefit from. They will never bite the hand of the financiers that feed them. They are entrapped, worshiping their god of greed of riches and power. My dear friends, how can we expect real change when we opt to choose the lesser of two evils? No matter what, when you choose the lesser of two evils, you still choose evil.

Within these pages you will find solutions to problems such as:

– Corruption in Congress

– Corruption in the Executive

– Corrupt Bureaucracies

– Political Parties

– Rights and Freedoms

– Lobbying

– Laws

– Taxes

– Income inequality

– Economy

– Employment

– Medicine and Healthcare

– Small government versus big government

– Wars

and much more.

“We have now reached the precipice of a new era in American history, in world history. The era in which society was governed by logic and reason has long since passed. In this New Era, society is now governed by emotions, feelings and fear. These will be our undoing.” – Thomas J. Paine

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