Frame Control: Subconscious Conversational Dominance

| February 2, 2016


Frame Control: Subconscious Conversational Dominance

Whoever holds the strongest frame will determine the meaning of the conversation. Whoever controls the meaning of the conversation, will control the outcome. Are you getting her number, or is she getting your attention? Are you making the sale, or is the customer gathering more information before they shop around some more? Are you really making decisions, or is your spouse or partner letting you think you are making decisions in order to serve his or her higher purpose? This book will show you exactly what a frame is, why it is completely unrelated to the content, and how you can strengthen yours so it will be stronger than anybody else’s. More importantly, having a strong enough frame will allow others to keep their frame, while deciding on their own to follow yours. Cult leaders since time immemorial have shown that with a strong enough frame, regardless of the content, people will follow you to the ends of the Earth. Whether you are selling, persuading, or seducing, having a working knowledge of your own frame, and the frames of others can give you a decided advantage in any communication. Easy to understand examples, and plenty of mental exercises, this book will show you the way the easy conversational Frame Control.


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