Nancy’s Theory of Style

| May 23, 2013


Nancy's Theory of Style

She’s the girl you love to hate because she has it all–looks, wealth, status, and far too much self-confidence. So when snooty young Nancy Carrington-Chambers flees her hardworking, but “not fabulous enough” husband for a chic San Francisco apartment and starts an event planning company, Froth, everyone is hoping for her to fail.

She hires the perfect assistant–Derek is gorgeous, British, and gay. He listens attentively to her opinions on fashion and people. Together they know they can turn society’s dreariest gala into the most exciting party of the year. Nancy’s quest for a perfectly stylish life is derailed by her growing attraction to Derek and the arrival of her irresponsible cousin’s child on her doorstep. The child insists on wearing capes and can’t understand basic fashion rules such as “Less is more.”

Nancy’s life begins to change in ways she’d never imagined. But she discovers too late that her husband isn’t as complacent as he seemed and her carefully constructed world crashes down all at once. Nancy learns that real style takes risks, but is she willing to give up everything she values for those she’s come to love?


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