Jadde – The Dark Tide

| February 4, 2016


Jadde - The Dark Tide

Be really frightened at how we can all be collectively duped. Jadde – The Dark Tide (volume 2 in the Jadde trilogy) leads the reader to awesome revelations with unexpected twists along the way.

Arielle just wished she could return to being a research scientist specialising in quarter-man armour-eggs. But she has awoken in the reality of her researches worst nightmare – stranded in a future where quarter-men slaughter and heroic tribes struggle for survival.

Her companion Brad refuses to say what his quarter-man expertise was. And the weirdo who’d tried to rape her has also been transported here from the twenty-first century – why him?

Arielle’s story weaves around Malkrin and the remaining tribe’s struggle to prevail, but how does he, Seara and Palreth fit into Arielle’s puzzle? Above all who had chosen and transported the three twenty-first century people to this nightmare time.

Arielle had to find her way back home but also she had to use her expertise to work out how to help Malkrin’s future mankind avoid extinction.

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104,200 words


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