Shapes for Children

| February 5, 2016


Kid's Books Ages 3-7 Bundle: Shapes for Children (Shapes for Girls, Shapes for Kids, Shape Book, Children's Shape Books, Kids Shape Books, Learning Shapes, Learn Shapes)

A fun and colorful book for kids to learn shapes!

Discover 3 shapes with Cammy, Cindy, and Chelsey, the three Cute girls that will help your child with shapes. Then, discover 3 different shapes with Chaz, Cade, and Cody, the three Cute boys. With this beautiful book for boys and girls, you can sit down with your 4-year old or your 6-year old and have him or her point out the different shapes. As a great introduction to kindergarten and elementary school, they will learn to recognize the various shapes in a fun and creative way.

This book shows:







Vincent and Celestial Noot are the creators of the “Find the Cutes” book series, a look and find book series for boys and girls. Vincent has been an illustrator for years and has been to Art University in Belgium. Celestial has finished her degree in Family Life and Human Development and aspires to start her own preschool. Together they form an excellent team in creating the best and most fun children’s books.

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