The Dawn’s Early Light: A Mike Elliot Novel

| February 6, 2016


The Dawn's Early Light: A Mike Elliot Novel

When an Islamist revolution erupts in Tunisia, the American embassy staff, and their families, must be evacuated. As sanctuary at last seems possible, a daring and imaginative terrorist plot catches the Americans off guard. A radical Hezbollah terror cell operating in Tunisia takes the Americans hostage. The innocent captives are about to face the most horrifying three days of their lives—one of the hostage-takers is a deranged and brutal psychopath.

Delta Force, the U.S. Army counterterrorist team, deploys to save them, only to encounter a trap set by a legendary and deadly Arab assassin. He plans to massacre Delta’s commandos as they launch their hostage rescue mission. The CIA chief of station in Beirut risks all as he hunts this master assassin, known only as the Scimitar.

One of the American hostages is Major Mike Elliot, an ex-Special Forces operative. Mike Elliot is a man with a dark past, where mistakes he made, cost him dearly. Now, history repeats itself, and he stands to lose all that he has left. He is determined to take matters into his own hands, but he doesn’t know that Delta Force is planning a rescue. Unfortunately, what Mike doesn’t know, could get him and everyone around him, killed.

As the commando’s mission unfolds, Delta’s commander struggles with his own past, and he deliberately disobeys the President of the United States. When dawn at last approaches, and Delta moves in for its long-awaited assault, the Scimitar himself closes in for the ultimate kill. It all comes crashing together in one tumultuous, roller coaster of a collision, and it all happens by the Dawn’s Early Light.


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