The Test of Devotion

| February 5, 2016


The Test of Devotion

A Man on a Mission

A Woman with a Secret

A Journey Towards Healing

Hardy Mexican outlaw Viajero holds a strong suspicion of everything, including religion–until he teams up with an idealistic former plantation owner on a mission. Henry Trevalyn’s wife has abandoned their marriage and he needs Viajero to help find her.

Jenny Forsythe has a secret. One too many, actually. Working in a hotel in Laredo isn’t easy for the daughter of an unpopular missionary. When two traveling men start asking questions at the hotel, it’s only a matter of time before Jenny finds herself deep in trouble.

Only the healing power of faith and forgiveness can keep Jenny from ending up in the hands of a murderer–and enable Viajero to rescue her before it’s too late.


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