Write it! – How to write your book in 30 hours or less (Write it! Publish it! Sell it!)

| May 23, 2013


Write it! - How to write your book in 30 hours or less (Write it! Publish it! Sell it!)

The digital revolution has changed the publishing scene for writers and readers alike. No longer is the reader restricted to those books a publisher deems fit for the market. Writers can now reach markets that were previously closed to them opening up a whole host of opportunities to become a part-time or full-time writer earning an income that reflects their efforts.

If you are ready to start working towards becoming a published writer then Write It is the perfect guide to writing your book fast. In just 30 hours you could have your work ready for publication. Depending on how much time you commit to writing you could become a published writer in just one week from now.

You will be able to:
– Identify your time thieves and create the time to write.
– Set up an effective office with the minimum of equipment.
– Generate an endless list of ideas; in fact you will never be without an idea again.
– Plan your book using a method that best suits your way of working.
– Write fast. Never again be sat at a computer wondering what to write next.
– Edit your work to ensure readers not only want to read your book but will come back time and time again for more.

This method can be used each and every time you write a book, or any other piece of written work, enabling you to start working from home and building up your writing business.


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