Broken Realms (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 1)

| February 8, 2016


Broken Realms (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 1)

Broken Souls (Book 2) and Broken Dragon (Book 3) in this series are on sale this week. Be sure to pick them up!

Mara Lantern doesn’t believe in metaphysical powers and alternate realities. That’s about to change.

After a jetliner plunges into the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon, everyone survives. So why do crash investigators have a hangar full of bodies, one for each passenger except Mara? Before the plane goes down, she glimpses a new reality, one with scales and snouts, fangs and gills. She sees a boy running down the aisle carrying a ball of blue light, chased by a girl who could be her clone. By trying to help, she unwittingly unleashes dozens of creatures on an unsuspecting world and sparks a series of events that threatens her life, her family and everything she believes. To save them, she has to embrace a power she cannot comprehend.

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