Spice It Up! The Best Spice Mixing Recipes from Around the World

| February 9, 2016


Spice It Up! The Best Spice Mixing Recipes from Around the World

Spice Up Your Life: A Tour Of our Best Spices Mix from Around the World

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How wonderfully clever nature is in that within its very seeds, roots and barks lie hidden an orchestra of flavors and when used efficiently provide us with an array of tantalizing tastes.

The book is dedicated to the profoundly mysterious but nevertheless tasty miracles that is the spice. One of the truly amazing things is that although the number of basic spices is limited, when these spices are combined, they result in such distinct bouquets that every region in the world can have its very own cuisine.

In Spice It Up!, we have collected spice blend recipes representing distinct regions around the world. The great thing about these recipes is that for the most part there aren’t too many wild, unusual ingredients, but rather it is in the combination of ingredients that the flavors differ.


Inside find the basics of using spices, including:

• what are spices,

• a description of the most common spices with the best uses and pairing,

• a brief history of spices,

• The many health benefits,

• how to buy spices,

• how to store spices,

• how to mix spices.

Create the best spices mixes from:

• Africa like the Egyptian Dukkah Spice mix,

• Asia like Shichimi Togarashi,

• America and Caribbean like the Cajun Seasoning Mix,

• Europe like the Herbs of Provence blend

• Southeast Asia like the Biryani Spice Mix

The great beauty of these spice recipes is that you can easily transform any dish you wish with a teaspoon full of one of these flavor blends. You can go to Tunisia with a sprinkle of Galat Dagga or head to Japan on the back of Shichimi Togarashi, or take a trip to Bali with a truly unique spice blend that will transform your chicken to island style.

Get ready to welcome all four corners of the earth into your kitchen!

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