Rex Has To Take A Bath

| February 12, 2016


Rex Has To Take A Bath (Bedtime story, Beginner reader, Funny-Rhymes, Ages 3-8, Books For Kids, Personal Hygiene)

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Do your kids hate to take a bath?

This story will make your kids scrub up really well each night before bed!

Here’s what readers are already saying about the colorful, funny and valuable book:

“It was playful and the twist of Tom teaching Rex was a surprise. As a mom, I would have liked something said about cleaning up the mess. All in all, I loved it. I saw the two of them playing; the rhythm is good.” — Janis

“It has great rhythm, very easy to read, flows well and is a really sweet story for kids encouraging hygiene.” —Emily


“Very cute story;) We loved the bedtime reading while learning;) The illustrations are awesome!” — Angela

Tom has a funny pet dinosaur, but there is one big problem. Rex doesn’t take a bath, doesn’t brush his teeth and ruins boy’s pajama. The dinosaur hides in his room and everyone thinks that it’s a boy’s fault.

Our hero is a delightfully headstrong boy, who will not take the blame for someone else’s bad behavior!

What will he do?!

“It’s time to teach Rex that hygiene is fun,

It’s good to get clean when the day is done.”

He pulled Rex out from under the bed.

“I have a great new game,” he said.

The story ends with a great lesson about hygiene that all parents will love:

    • Full-color professional illustrations with funny scenes


  • Simple everyday lessons in an easy to understand manner.



  • Perfect bedtime rhyming lines that keep your kids interested



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