The Thief Who Stole Eternity (Infinite Series Book 2)

| February 11, 2016


The Thief Who Stole Eternity (Infinīte Series Book 2)

A modern saga continues in the Infinīte Series.

The Thief Who Stole Eternity by Pam Kesterson

braids together the dystopian and utopian in brilliant scenery, immortality, myths, and faith.

The Thief Who Stole Eternity is the second book in the InfinÄ«te Series. It’s a story of first love as Cat and Shenser reunite together and meander through a landscape woven of legends and illusions in search for Saidi, a lost InfinÄ«te, and other InfinÄ«tes enslaved across the world. Driven by obsession, Cat cannot resist Shenser’s offer to help. A captivating story of startling beauty and dismay. From tarnished, and at times regretful heroes, to narcissistic villains.

The protagonist, Cat, had a brief appearance in book one. Now both the new and familiar cast delights the pages of believable and efficient personalities, all capable of accomplishing inconceivable feats. These characters build the network between reality and illusion.

An exciting, and at times horrifying novel that refuses to be detailed by any one genre. Experience the unforeseen world of the Infinītes.

Editorial Review:

Extraordinarily imaginative, THIEF WHO STOLE ETERNITY

is a truly fabulous ride into a world of dragons, kings, romance, and eccentrics. The first book in the series, Eternal Infinītes, laid the groundwork for the brilliance to follow. This sequel certainly does not disappoint.

In the prologue, Cat steals a locket with magical powers. It allows her to fly just by wishing it. She meets Saidi, a friend from the past—but doesn’t remember where she knows her? Together they embark on a magical journey, and the reader is taken deeper into the kingdom, and into the lives of Saidi, Cat, Doc Nemo, Shenser, and the rest of the cast. The more we know, the darker it looks. Through it all, Saidi remains a bright light.

Vivid characters—easily distinguishable and thoroughly enjoyable—come to life and leap out of the pages. Each character has a perfectly unique voice. Pam Kesterson captures conflict very well, changing the pitch and pacing in a way that keeps the interest rising; at times we’re switching between realms—from real to surreal. I’ve always admired writers who can write so purely in the third person. Pam Kesterson does so with poetic elegance.

This is one of the most imaginary novels I’ve ever read. I think this timeless story is destined to become a Teen/Young Adult classic read over and over again. It’s the kind of book I know many people will love and treasure. – Frank Scozzari (Author)

From the Author

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband of 35 years. I am zealous about writing and literature and enjoy the process of researching historical events and interests where my overactive imagination leads me. I have been rearranging syntax since age 16 when my first poem published. If I’m not writing fiction or poetry, I’m working or can be found doing a variety of activities from distance running to skydiving. My all time favorite things in life are scuba diving while pretending I’m flying in other worlds, or simply enjoying a nice glass of wine with family and friends.

I also have a passion for healthy gourmet cooking with a love of strong coffee and super hot foods. I enter spicy food contests whenever I have a chance.

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