Avenging Angel Series Boxed Set

| February 11, 2016


Avenging Angel Series Boxed Set

When an Avenging Angel falls for a Reaper there’s more than hell to pay – there’s war.

Evangeline Grace loved her job as a vice detective, men, and Happy Hour, though not necessarily in that order. Then she was murdered. Now she’s an earthbound Avenging Angel seeking vengeance for murdered innocents.

In this thrilling supernatural series — Fall From Grace; Perilous Grace, Deadly Grace –the afterlife has rules and Evie finds herself breaking most of them. Especially after she meets Trick McKitrick, a Reaper in service to a demon lord. If she was still a cop – and alive – she’d have to arrest herself.

To bring her Reaper lover back from the dead, Evie sacrifices a wing and her heavenly Grace to a Fallen Angel known as the Baron. That choice sets in motion a chain of events igniting a war between heaven and earth.

Evie is pulled into a plot by angels out of legend and a traitorous Fae Queen to stop the Baron from opening an ancient vault hidden in the Los Angeles hills. The prize, a Portal Key to free rebels imprisoned for defying heaven. The rebels have not forgiven, nor forgotten their mission to change the destiny of mankind.

Rogue angels and impending war are not the lovers only problems. Trick, crippled by guilt over Evie’s loss of Grace, fights the return of his dark Reaper nature. A battle the Baron says he cannot win. The lines between good and evil blur as Evie tries to puzzle out plots and counterplots where no one is what they seem. Too late, she realizes an ex-earthbound angel is no match for the machinations of Heaven. To make thing right, Evie must join forces with her enemy to do the unthinkable and take the battle to the Gates of Heaven itself.


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