Chained Melodies

| February 13, 2016


Chained Melodies: A transgender romance novel

For fans of The Danish Girl, an extraordinary transgender love story about self-belief and the true nature of courage.

Best friends since childhood, life takes very different courses for Will and Tom when they leave school. Tom joins the army to become a MAN. Will goes to university and discovers he’s not. When Tom turns up on Will’s doorstep almost ten years later, he’s disillusioned and broken after surviving Northern Ireland during the 1970’s troubles, and with a broken marriage and no future. Will, on the other hand, has just embarked on a completely new future for himself – in his case, a very different kind of self; a woman called Billie.

As Will transitions from male to female, so the boyhood friendship between Tom and Will changes too. Initial shock and repulsion on Tom’s part becomes grudging respect, and eventually something quite different. But life – and falling in love – is never that simple; and especially not when it’s in the face of prejudice, fear and lost courage.

“…it’s not a transsexual love story, it’s a love story that happens to feature transsexuals. The author did an amazing job making the characters three-dimensional and their self-discovery journey is transforming not just for them, but the reader too.”

“Touching and almost heart-breaking, this is a novel to tickle your heart strings.”

“…breath-taking and intriguing…”

“…a “must read” novel.”

“…quite beautiful, with a certain poetry in the tone.”



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