Designing Fate

| February 13, 2016


Designing Fate

In the year 2093 Lisa decides to walk into a store to create a 500 Model Series child. As a good parent, she was willing to pay the price for genome modification in order to obtain the best DNA sequence possible for her child. However, what happens when a designer child clashes with a normal child and prejudiced parents? Should Lisa pay the price for her child’s mistakes?

Praise for Designing Fate which originally appeared in Ricepaper Magazine, 19.3 Issue:

“Ricepaper’s Speculative Fiction issue is full of inventive, engaging work, including this short story about designer children who aren’t exactly true to the blueprint. I was really engrossed in this piece—the characters are well-drawn, the details are original, and the plot kept me guessing.” -PRISM Magazine

Warning: Story includes violent imagery.


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