Daily Affirmations for Success and Happiness: 500 Positive Affirmations to Rewire Your Brain

| February 14, 2016


Daily Affirmations for Success and Happiness: 500 Positive Affirmations to Rewire Your Brain


Has life dealt you a bad hand? Are you broke, depressed, unhealthy, or in a bad relationship? Have you lost your job, failed to follow the career path you wanted, or fallen short of achieving your dreams?

You need to change your thoughts! Negative thoughts of fear, rejection, failure, and self pity plague us all, but continuing to have these negative thoughts keeps us in that slump for what seems like eternity.

If there was a way to replace negativity with positive thoughts, you could have all the success and happiness you could ever dream of.

Well you can have those things! By changing your thought process you can rewire your brain to start attracting success and happiness into your life. Reading positive affirmations reprograms your subconscious into a positive source of energy that attracts anything you want in life. It’s called the Law of Attraction! It’s a universal law that works without question!

These 500 daily affirmations of success and happiness will begin to immediately reshape your life no matter how bad things may seem. In reading this book you’ll learn:

    • How to stop negative thoughts


  • How to reprogram your mind for the better



  • How to create success and happiness



  • How to become the person you’ve always wanted to be



  • How to stop struggling and start living a successful life



“You become what you think about” is a universal law that has changed the lives of many people who have learned to consciously control their thinking. Reading affirmations conditions your mind to believe what you are telling it. When it is flooded with positive thoughts of success and happiness you begin to attract those things toward you.

This book could be the most life changing book you’ve ever read. With over 500 affirmations to read you’ll have the tools you need to start rewiring your brain for the life you deserve!

Scroll up and grab a copy today!


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