Web Marketing for Artisans

| February 17, 2016


Web Marketing for Artisans

Web Marketing For Artisans: How to succeed in web marketing your business as an Artist, Artisan and Unique Product Maker.

The first web marketing guide for Artisans and Artists like you! Want to know how to utilise the many concepts of web marketing for your kind of business? This eBook will teach you exactly that. Learn how to think of your artistic business in web marketing terms. Discover how to promote what you create in ways that take the very best of proven web marketing techniques and mix them with all that is unique to the Artisan and Artistic worlds.

This eBook outlines to you the well known channels of web marketing of SEO, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. We show you how to apply these to a business selling artistic creations. We introduce you to promoting your creations with high traffic sites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay in ways that work to your advantage. We help you review your website from a commercial point of view and ensure you have the right mix of artistic and sales focused web pages. We walk you through analysing your web stats and learning from what is both working, and not working, for you in growing your business.

A great guide for Artisans, Artists and Product Creators everywhere, looking to market their business and grow their commercial world online. For more wonderful web marketing resources for small and micro businesses please visit www.positivesparks.co.uk.


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