What People Are Doing While You’re Asleep In Bed

| February 19, 2016


What People Are Doing While You're Asleep In Bed: A children's book that delightfully teaches them that the world we live in never sleeps, even when they are.

Does your child hate to go to bed at night because they’re afraid they will miss something?

Does your child ask you what you do at night?

Do you work nights and your child doesn’t understand why you have to leave at night?

Does your child think you’re the only person that goes to work at night?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then THIS BOOK IS THE PERFECT ANSWER FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD!

I have delivered milk for the past 35 years and start work in the middle of the night, (2 AM). When I tell people this, even adults ask me, “Where do you deliver to at that hour?”

Surprisingly, so many people don’t realize that our world is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week world.

People that stop on the way to THEIR job at 5, 6, or 7 am to pick up fresh bakery, or a newspaper, or a hot cup of coffee, or yes, a gallon of milk don’t realize that people like me, (or maybe even you), make that possible because we’re out at night doing OUR jobs.

Get this book for your child and read it with them. They will love the rhyming descriptions and the wonderful illustrations. They will ask you to read it to them over and over, and before long…they will be reading it to you!

Your child will have a better understanding of what people are doing while they’re asleep in bed, whether it’s working, playing, or just relaxing. They will learn and understand that when they see people doing all sorts of things in the daytime while they’re awake, there are other people just like them that are doing the same things at night while your child is asleep in bed.


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