What is That?

| February 19, 2016


What is That? (Children's Books Book 1)

Join Panda, as he tries to solve the mystery of the strange object he has found. What is it and what is it for? This cute children’s Book is great for young readers, as the language is simple, and it has a simple yet funny story line that kids will love.

The Story: Panda finds a strange object and wonders what it is and how to use it. He meets some of the other animals of the nature, and together they try to figure out how to use this unknown object.

The story is for young readers age 3-7, as they learn how to read. The eBook is 32 pages as a standard children’s book, and is long enough to create a complete story but without losing the attention and interest of the child. The book is filled with simple sight words, making the reading easier for the child, as he or she begins to recognize the different sight words, making the learning process faster and smoother for the young reader.

So if your child loves animals and especially panda bears, then this story will be the perfect choice.



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