Facets of Fantasy: A Collection

| February 26, 2016


Facets of Fantasy: A Collection

The Trouble with Taranui

It’s 200 years in the future. Carina Fierten belongs to a tiny hereditary minority of Christians called the EC. When guerrilla bandits force her family out of her home, Carina moves to the independent city-state of Wyncon. She hopes to stay out of trouble, but this is a world where nothing stays the same for long. Especially if you’re a Christian. And Carina’s life is one of the things that is about to change.


Don Tachimant ran away from his high-ranking family and their military academy years ago. Hiding on the distant planet of Galreon, he lived as a criminal until a failed embassy bombing put him back in the sight of the law. Lord Haltyn is an old friend–supposedly, at least–of Don’s grandfather. And now Lord Haltyn thinks Don is the perfect tool to spy on old Tachimant. Don will have none of it. But when he does return to Jurant, he finds something no one could have predicted.

The Amulet of Renari

Violet lives a quiet life in a picturesque family mansion. She’s heard stories about the kingdom of Tsayan, but assumes they aren’t true. When her home is destroyed, she flees into the distant mountains, haunted by legends that turn out to be entirely real.

Extra: The Works of Charles Glassware, the author whose play Carina performs in The Trouble with Taranui

Third edition.


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