How to Find a Job in the 21st Century – The Ultimate, NO B.S. Guide to Finding a Job With Social Media

| February 24, 2016


How to Find a Job in the 21st Century - The Ultimate, NO B.S. Guide to  Finding a Job With Social Media

How to find a job? These days?

It’s a question every job seeker has asked themselves. (Usually in the midst of filling out their 253rd Monster job application.)

Oh sure there was a time when following the usual old boring tips on how to find a job were sufficient– you know: create a resume, network, fill out a bunch of applications until you get carpal tunnel.

But these days the competition is way too stiff.

The economy way too sucky.

And the task of making an impression on a total stranger far too difficult.

These days to TRULY learn how to find a job you love, and one that doesn’t simply crush your soul and help you with your car payment, you’ve got to be smart.

You’ve got to be focused.

You’ve got to use all the modern, kick-ass, job-seeking social-media goodness at your disposal.

And that’s what this book is all about.

Because I’ve learned firsthand the power of social media for job seekers.

First as an applicant — nobody has filled out more Career Builder applications than I have — and then as a hiring manager.

And I’ve seen how social media for the job seeker isn’t about how many Twitter followers, or how many “likes” you got on your latest Facebook update.

It’s about using social media to make you an unstoppable reservoir expert awesomeness in your field…

…and help convince employers that you are a) competent b) trustworthy and c) not a psychotic crazy person. (That last one is more important than you’d think.)

Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to follow the same tips on how to find a job online that you’ve come across in the past.

But it’s my hope that this book will help you go beyond the usual cliched advice and give you some tangible, real suggestions on how to break through the gatekeepers and get your resume (and your face) in front of decision makers who can help you find a job.

In the book, here’s what we cover:

Chapter 1 goes over the “Ultimate Jedi Mind Trick for Job Seekers” – here we show a crucial set of mindset tricks that will help you understand what employers are REALLY looking for. (And it’s different from what you’ve heard before.)

Chapter 2 delves into the 6 Pillars of Job Search Awesomeness – this is where you find out the job seeker tools you will need to prime yourself for maximum job search awesomeness.

Chapter 3 helps you find out How to Conquer the World One Blog at a Time – this helps you lay the foundation for positioning yourself as a huge expert, even if you don’t know crap about your industry.

Chapter 4 delves into Your Job Search, 140 Characters at a Time – here’s where I show you the ins and outs of using Twitter, in just a couple minutes a day, to find and connect with employers and recruiters.

Chapter 5 shows you the Strange and Mysterious World of LinkedIn – this is where we pull back the curtain on this necessary but often misused part of your job search.

In Chapter 6 we go all Mark Zuckerberg by showing you How Facebook Can Help You Like Your Way to a New Job – Facebook gets a bad rap as a job seeking tool but here we’ll show you how, what and when to post on Facebook for the best job seeking effect.

In Chapter 7, we go all the way to 11 by showing you Super-Advanced Cool Ninja Job Search Tricks – these are so powerful, we saved ’em for the last chapter, but we’re sure you’re gonna love ’em and that they’ll provide your job search some much-needed juice.

..and there’s even a little bonus chapter!

So, if you’re still unsure how to find a job in these trying times, give “How to Find a Job in the 21st Century” a chance. (It just might change your life…and your bank account.)


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