Tangled Web

| February 25, 2016


Tangled Web: Mystery and Suspense

Twenty-year-old Gavin is accused of murdering two women, one teenager and one in her early twenties. Kayleigh was nearly his third victim. It’s up to ex-boyfriend and cop Owen to figure out who targeted Kayleigh and who killed the other women.

Kayleigh and Gavin meet over social media. He doesn’t tell her his real name. So when things go sour on their first meeting, she doesn’t know who he really is. But Owen suspects that it’s the same guy who killed two other women in the area over the past year. Owen finds out that Gavin has been associated with a drug ring in town and may be an accomplice to the murders. It’s up to Owen to tackle this bad element in the town and bring them to justice. As long as they don’t get to him first.

This is also the love story of Owen and Kayleigh, high school sweethearts who were pulled apart due to circumstances. Now they have a chance to rekindle their romance, if they can only open their hearts a second time.


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