Eliza’s Turmoil (Cousins of Bird in Hand Series Book 2)

| February 25, 2016


Amish Romance: Eliza's Turmoil: Short Amish Romance Story (Cousins of Bird in Hand Series Book 2)

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Elizabeth has been tormented by Joshua since the first grade. Although their relationship has consisted of mostly of teasing over the years, she recognizes that she wants a deeper relationship, and wonders if he is the one that God has chosen for her.

Joshua seems clueless to Elizabeth feelings. He treats her like a pesky younger sister on most days. Can she and her cousins show him that she could be much more than that?

Eliza’s cousin tires of waiting for Joshua to reveal his feelings, so she, along with the others, hatch a plan to force him to reveal his feelings. Will the plan work or will it destroy any hope that Eliza has in winning his heart?


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