The Fragrance of Surrender (Souls of the Sea Book 1)

| February 26, 2016


The Fragrance of Surrender: Inspirational Women's Christian Fiction (Souls of the Sea Book 1)

“The journey of the main character is hard and intense. I recommend this book to readers who want to be moved by words. I’d just like to offer one word of caution… once you start reading this book you may not want to put it down until you finish reading it to the last page. It’s that good.” Marlene Bertrand


“We all have challenges in life, and sometimes they can seem to be very overwhelming. That can cause us to question everything around us, including our faith in God. When that happens it’s difficult to know where to turn or what to do. I have to say that April Geremia addressed these issues and more in her lovely book. It was interesting as well as inspirational. The characters made you think about your own life and what you’d do if you were having a battle with faith. The writing is beautiful and so descriptive that I didn’t want it to end. It just felt very real to me but it also gave me a peaceful feeling at it’s conclusion. As a Christian novel I found it to be well written, with interesting characters. I can only say that it made me think about myself and my life in a new way.” Jean, Amazon


April Geremia has woven a beautiful story with descriptive detail that draws you in deeper with every line. April Geremia creates mental images that allow the reader to see and feel all of the emotions of her characters.Reader’s Favorite


?A tragic life. A search for faith. And a lifelong mystery.


Gabriella’s life has been filled with tragedy, including the mystery of why her own parents disappeared one night, leaving her alone at a tender young age. After her husband dies, she and her son move to her childhood home—a house on a cliff by the sea in a village time has left behind.


As she unravels the mystery of her parent’s disappearance, will she come to trust the God she views with suspicion? And what role will her young son play in her decision?


The Fragrance of Surrender is a faith-building novel that many readers say changed their lives forever. If you like inspirational ficiton that makes you feel, download it and start reading right now!


Look for Book 2 in the series: The Leap of Forgiveness

Book 3, The Irrationality of Poetry will be available for pre-order this August!


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