From Auden to Yeats: Critical Analysis of 30 Selected Poems

| February 27, 2016


From Auden to Yeats: Critical Analysis of 30 Selected Poems

This book is a ready reference for students of English literature looking for help navigating the poetry of some of the late nineteenth and twentieth century’s greatest poets. The book contains in-depth critical analyses of 30 selected poems from the work of W.H. Auden, Ted Hughes, John Keats, Philip Larkin and W.B. Yeats. A collection of 30 essays, the book aims to help students of literature gain an overview of the life and work of each poet represented, as well as understanding the poems discussed in sufficient depth.


* MCQs for each poet, with answer key

* Short study questions


* A section on the life and background of each poet, to better understand the influences behind their poetry, and gain insight into the context of the selected poems

* A simple explanation of each poem

* Explanations of the themes, motifs and symbols used in the poems

* A dedicated essay for each selected poem, analysing it for the benefit of the literature student

* New Bonus Feature: multiple-choice questions on the biography of each poet and their important poems, with answer key

* Short questions for students to think about, on the deeper underlying themes of the poems

This is an invaluable guide for school and college students of English literature or anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of some of the best-known poetry of the last century. This book is best used as a study guide, and should not substitute reading the poems themselves (POEMS NOT INCLUDED).

Some of the poems discussed:

* W.H. Auden – Refugee Blues

* Ted Hughes – Crow Tyrannosaurus

* Philip Larkin – The Whitsun Weddings

* John Keats – To Autumn

* W.B. Yeats – The Second Coming


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