Right Hand Man: Trouble in Paradise

| February 28, 2016


Right Hand Man: Trouble in Paradise

This is a complete short story, but also part of an ongoing serial in the adventures of the Right Hand Man.
To catch up on the preceding installments, check out David Webb’s Author Page.

Alexander Cusard serves as an assistant to one of the most prolific assassins in America, a man known only as The Executioner. At first, he is able to distance himself from his employer’s grisly business, finding jobs for the killer and securing payment. However, unfortunate incidents line up that propel him from this life behind a desk to a morbid and moral-shattering involvement with his depraved employer. And he’s beginning to like it.

In Trouble in Paradise, the continuing adventures of the Right Hand Man, Alexander Cusard goes undercover for the first time to investigate the Executioner’s next target. But when he makes a fatal error, he must be prepared to do the unthinkable.

On the subject of serials

The serial is an older form of storytelling, from days when people would send short stories or parts of longer ones into magazines to be published. Later, these works would be compiled into a novel or a collection of stories. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did this with his worldwide-known character of Sherlock Holmes. He was not the first to do so, but he is certainly one of the more well-known authors who utilized this form of publishing.

The digital age has revolutionized the modern novel and inadvertently brought back the serial style of publishing, thanks to formats such as Kindle. Typically, and especially with thrillers, serials are published on a “case-by-case” basis, each new serial taking on a new story but with the same characters and premise as the last. For this reason, mystery is a popular subject for serials. A case is introduced, the detective investigates, and the case is solved.

David Webb introduces the opposite with Right Hand Man, almost an antithesis to Holmes. The hit man is hired to do the job, Alexander investigates the target for purposes you will have to read to find out, and the target dies–hopefully. Each new “case” will be released once every few months until the story reaches the end of its arc. Be sure to subscribe to get email updates letting you know when a new one is released!


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