The Starving Psyche

| February 29, 2016


The Starving Psyche

The phrase “Perception is reality” is true to a degree. But what would make the phrase even truer is if the word “your” was added to it. YOUR PERCEPTION IS YOUR REALITY. But what shapes our perception? There are two things: Our upbringing and what we choose to feed our minds. These two things contribute to our perception of life, and our perception of life dictates the results we get out of life. In this book we will take a look at the 17 mental shackles that keep people from reaching their full potential and figure out how to break free from those shackles.

Shackle 1: Generational curses

Shackle 2: Marginalization

Shackle 3: Defense mechanisms

Shackle 4: The Hero Syndrome

Shackle 5: Monotonous praying

Shackle 6: Superficiality

Shackle 7: Fear

Shackle 8: Low self-worth

Shackle 9: Learned discrimination

Shackle 10: Ungratefulness

Shackle 11: Doubtfulness

Shackle 12: Unawareness

Shackle 13: Materialism

Shackle 14: Egotism

Shackle 15: Apprehension

Shackle 16: Irresponsibility

Shackle 17: Fear of public perception


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