LLP – Lust, Lies & Propositions

| March 1, 2016


LLP - Lust, Lies & Propositions

Just in time for the peak of campaign season, best-selling author, Bridgett Renay, unleashes political drama that would make all Presidential front-runners take cover.

With her having a fairytale upbringing, no one could blame Essence St. Clair for expecting every entitlement seen fit for the beautiful and elite. But it only takes one vice to wreak sheer havoc. And now it’s going to take more than a fairy godmother to put an end to all the blackmail.

Not only was Essence St. Clair groomed to head a Fortune 500, she craved it. Being raised by the very conservative Marshall St. Clair, patriarch of Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest religious empires, she was used to getting what she wants, including whichever man she desires.

But after the death of her mother, a very distracted Essence became the cause of a devastating family secret. And the one thing she didn’t count on was being blackmailed because of that youthful indiscretion. Now it seems everyone’s out to get her. She doesn’t know who she can trust. The walls are closing in and Essence has to act fast if she wants to preserve her sanity along with her family’s noble reputation.

Does this sheltered princess have the street smarts it takes to crush her enemies? Will she overcome one distraction after another to fulfill her goals of corporate dominance? Can she keep the love of her life, the captivating Dex Dunnavant, from learning about her tainted past?

Anyone standing in her way is about to find out.


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