The Emerald Elephant (Kip Keene Book 1)

| February 29, 2016


The Emerald Elephant (Kip Keene Book 1)

The breath-taking debut adventure in the series readers are calling “space opera meets Clive Cussler.”



A 200,000-YEAR-OLD EVIL.


When space pirate Kip Keene crash lands on Earth in the snowy Andean Mountains after a millennia-long deep sleep, he awakens to discover the bones of his crew in the halls of his wrecked ship. Believing that the home and friends he once knew are gone forever, Keene narrowly escapes the crumbling wreckage—not knowing that the skeletons actually belong to 16th century Spanish conquistadors.

But when Keene’s exploits get him tangled up in a rogue FBI agent’s murder investigation, he realizes that his old crew might still be alive—and in desperate pursuit of a legendary relic known as the Emerald Elephant, hidden deep within the fabled Lost City of the Incas, that possesses the power to get them back home. However, Keene learns that even if he locates the city and recovers the artifact, returning home has a massive cost—for activating the artifact will result in the complete destruction of the Earth.

And so Keene must make an impossible choice: between saving the allies he once knew, or those he’s just met.

Kip Keene merges the fast-paced, exotic locales of Indiana Jones/Clive Cussler and tension/futuristic imagination of Star Trek/Fringe/X-Files into page-turning adventures that stick with you long past the final page.


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