For The Lovers Of Coffee: Quick And Easy Delicious Coffee Beverages, Cocktails And Desserts Recipes

| March 1, 2016


For the lovers of coffee: Quick and easy delicious coffee beverages, cocktails and desserts recipes


Without any doubt, coffee has been an integral part of most of the people around the globe. Every morning billions of people grab their cup of coffee before going to school, work etc. Now, some consider that making a perfect cup of coffee is near to impossible and there are not much flavours to play around using the same coffee granules but, be assure that it’s just a perception. Making coffee can be made easier if you are supplied with a proper guide. You must agree that the search of freshly brewed coffee to your desired likeness has dragged you to this page. Well, the good news is, your search ends up here, since, in this book, all you will find is

• A brief introduction to the coffee including the facts you must be aware of

• A brief history of coffee

• How to freshly brew your own coffee at home giving you a lot of knowledge regarding equipment, coffee granules, water and some other major factors that contribute greatly to brew perfect cup of coffee

• 15 deliciously amazing freshly brewed hot coffee recipes

• 5 deliciously amazing freshly brewed cold coffee recipes

• 10 amazing coffee liqueur cocktail recipes

• 5 coffee desserts and 5 coffee liqueur desserts

• Most importantly, since, the nutritional facts are included within each recipe, having these coffee related drinks and desserts you can keep the count of the calories intake.

Eventually, along with the hot and cold coffee, the coffee desserts and cocktails as well in this book will definitely give you guilt-free pleasure. From traditional coffees like espresso, and cappuccino to the geographical coffees like Greek coffee and Turkish coffee. There are so many fantastic coffees to choose from. Step by step easy-to-grasp helpful instructions and tactics to freshly brew your own cup of bursting coffee will be guiding even a novice person too and you will be a coffee maestro by the end of the book.

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