Encounters with the Celestials: The Living Part of a Timeless Legend

| March 2, 2016


Encounters with the Celestials, The Living Part of a Timeless Legend

Explore the Most Profound Mystery of the Ages . . .

Some five-thousand years ago there appeared on the banks of the Nile, as if suddenly descended upon the sands, the first great civilization of known history. No one knows from whence the early Egyptians came, yet no people, ancient or modern, have conceived of building a civilization on a scale so sublime, so great, so grandiose, as the Ancient Egyptians.

Their technology of architecture, agriculture, metallurgy, and engineering; the invention of glass and linen, of paper and ink, of the calendar and the clock, of geometry and the alphabet; the excellence and sublimity of sculpture and the arts; the refinement of dress and ornament, of furniture and dwellings, of society and life; the remarkable development of orderly and peaceful government, of education; the advancement of writing and literature, of science and medicine; the first clear formulation known to us of individual and public conscience, the first cry for social justice, the first widespread monogamy, the first monotheism . . . all elevated to a degree of superiority and power that has seldom, if ever, been equaled since.

How were these monumental accomplishments achieved? How did a culture in a Neolithic stage suddenly rise to create one of the greatest civilizations of known history? Where did the Ancient Egyptians’ knowledge and sophistication come from?

The ancient creation stories of indigenous cultures worldwide relate that their progenitors came from the heavens. Native Americans recount that their antecedents were “The Sky People.” The builders of Teotihuacan describe their gods as having descended from the heavens. The Egyptian, the Sumerian, the Maya, and so many others, all express the same story in diverse ways in different languages—their ancestors came from the stars and fashioned human civilization. These cultures were greatly separated both geographically and chronologically, yet their creation stories are strikingly similar. Why? What could explain this?

Explore the opportunity to unlock these great secrets of the ages, far-reaching revelations that for long millenniums have remained hidden under the most intense silence and secrecy. An unprecedented and extraordinary account that is inspirational, thought provoking, and richly enlightening, this book will resound in your heart and mind long after the last words have been read.

We thank our wonderful readers for their requests for an enlarged edition of our first book exploring the Celestials, Ri-iha-mo, Tibetan Mountain Goddess. We hope this volume will answer those requests for a book containing as much information as we currently possess regarding the Celestials, with a greatly expanded selection of material.

2016 Edition, Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count 295.



About this 2016 Edition

Background of the Encounters

Our First Encounter with a Celestial

Prelude to the First Encounter

Investigations and Revelations

Background of Olmolungring and Ri-iha-mo (celestial) in Ancient Literature

Our Second Encounter with the Celestial Aani

Our Third Encounter with the Celestials

Teachings of the Celestials Aani, Proci, and Marit

Reflections on Our Encounters

The Great Mysteries of Ancient Egypt – Solved?

Evolving an Understanding of the Living Universe

Moving Toward a New World View

Critiques and Additional Thoughts

Insights into Our Current World Civilization

Regarding the Ancient ‘People of the One’

Visualization Practice Given Us by the Ri-iha-mo Aani

Afterward to U.S. Edition

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